About Sunflower Academy

Since its founding in 2000, Himawari no kai was the first Japanese preschool program in Northern Virginia. After graduating from Himawari no Kai, many students continued learning Japanese over the long term. However, some children may have difficulty balancing their studies with the local school curriculum. Some must even forego continuing their Japanese language instruction due to time conflict with various activities.

Once you stop studying Japanese, it is easy to forget what’s been learned. If someone had a desire to start studying again, there were few options available. We heard about this dilemma from many parents and former students. In response to their requests, starting in 2016 we launched multiple additional Japanese programs for older children.

In March 2016, we started a Japanese program for middle school age students. In February 2017 we started a second program, for a combination of middle school and high school age students. Then we launched another program for elementary school age students in September 2018.

We sincerely look forward to your interest in our programs. Feel free to contact us at your convenience for additional information or if you have any questions.

Educational philosophy

  • You can express yourself in Japanese with enthusiasm and confidence
  • Our education strategy is tailored to each person

Educational goals

“Developing rich language skills (improving speaking, listening, writing, and reading)”

Educational policy

  • Japanese-speaking teachers instruct in total immersion Japanese to deepen the student’s understanding of the Japanese language, and Japanese seasonal events, customs, and culture.
  • Enjoy interacting with friends through Japanese.
  • Promote a respectful communication environment with children and parents, and teach Japanese according to the individual’s learning ability, aptitude, and motivation.
  • This is a parent-child participatory educational program designed to promote learning in the classroom environment and at home. We strongly recommend active participation from parents in learning Japanese at home.

Support to Sunflower Academy

  • Researching on teaching materials and teaching tools
  • Striving to improve teaching
  • Promote and preserve a safe and productive environment 
  • Active participation and cooperation of parents
  • Listen to parents’ voices and strive to communicate
  • Create a wholesome and encouraging environment that promotes a positive learning experience and fond memories.

If you are interested in making a difference for children, then we are looking for you. Teachers and staff at Sunflower Academy are committed to providing an exceptional education experience for our students.

Explore our openings below and let us know about your interest by emailing us.

Available positions

*Japanese Teacher
*Substitute Japanese Teacher

Teachers and staff selected to work at Sunflower Academy excel in the following areas:
-Native Japanese speaker
-Eligible to work in the USA
-Educational values aligned with the school’s philosophy and guiding principles
-Enthusiasm for teaching, developing, and innovating
-Flexibility and openness to new ideas and changes
-Ability to work effectively in a team environment.
-Willingness to engage in regular communication with families
-Respect for others

Sunflower Academy safeguards and promotes the welfare of children and expects all staff, volunteers and other third parties to share in this commitment. Secure recruitment practices are utilized to protect personal identifying information (PII) and a pre-employment background check will be conducted.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resumé to hr@himawaridc.org.

We look forward to receiving your application!