-Age Group

Elementary school students and above


Related to Japanese language & Japanese cultural traditions


  • Be able to understand the instructions in Japanese(► Note 1)
  • Being able to participate in group classes without any problems(►Note 2)
  • One of the parents should be able to understand Japanese and be able to assist with homework in Japanese.
    Being able to help with auxiliary duty and management(►Note 3)
  • Please consent to the use of online tools and equipment designated by the school.(►Note 4)

►Note 1

  • Specific Japanese ability is to be able to read and write hiragana. All classes and homework are in Japanese. If you do not memorize it, it is difficult to memorize it during class because the number of hours and days of class is limited. If your child finds it difficult to keep up with group lessons, we may recommend individual lessons after reviewing and discussing your family policy.

►Note 2

  • If you have any problems while attending our school, we will discuss the topic with parents and students and try to reach an agreeable solution for everyone. However, if there is a characteristic of group lessons, behaviors that impair the health and safety of other students and faculty members, or behavior that impacts the needs of students, we may recommend leaving the enrollment.  We have to keep the needs of the entire class in mind.  
  • Students who need special medical assistance / educational assistance or have other special needs may not be able to participate in our programs due to ourlack of medical specialists and special education teachers.

►Note 3

  • From our educational goals and policies, at least one parent or guardian understands the Japanese language and culture to assist with auxiliary activities and homework. In addition, all letters, documents, and communications from our school and homeroom teachers will be in Japanese only. We use a lot of e-mail as a means of communication, so please set up a computer environment where you can communicate in Japanese, and set up TEXT (English is possible) on your mobile phone as a means of enabling emergency contact.
  • If your grandparents, babysitter, etc. may act on your behalf as a guardian, please contact us in advance to discuss the details. Depending on the situation, we may not be able to accept it.
  • In order to operate our programs smoothly, we may ask all households involved in an activity to divide their roles. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this point. Please note that if the required number of parents’ help is not realized, it may be necessary to cancel the event or class.

►Note 4

  • Pre-registration of connection tools to be used, installation of applications, etc., and settings are required at each home.
  • In the case of online classes, the necessary equipment (computer, camera, smartphone, headset with microphone, etc.) and communication costs will be borne by each household. Equipment rental is not supported.

-Class location

Online at home and In-person at our facility by hybrid style classes 

*Time and place may change depending on the availability of our facility
*In-person classes at Fairfax , VA area(scheduled)

Due to the continued impact of COVID, during the 2021 school year, there is the possibility classes will be conducted in multiple formats. There may be online classes in a combination with in-person instruction as a hybrid setup; or/and just online classes in order to give top priority to safety due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

We are continuously monitoring the overall COVID situation, to include guidelines being established by CDC, the State of Virginia, and Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and will continue to do so.  With this in mind, the class format may change during the year as necessary in order to adapt to the changing COVID landscape. 

-Class day

Starts in early September and ends in late June of the following year.  Approximately every other Saturday.  It is subject to change in some cases – for instance during inclement weather.   



■If you would like to enroll, please contact enrollment@himawaridc.org in charge of admission. We will send you an admission application form (Google Form) by email.
■Please fill in the required information on the Google Form and submit.
■When you receive the invoice for the tuition fee, please pay by electronic funds transfer (PayPal) by the delivery date.
■After completing the procedure, we will send you a confirmation email. If the content of the course is different, or if you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact enrollment@himawaridc.org, who is in charge of admission procedures.

►►Admission will be completed when the receipt of the tuition fee is confirmed.
►►Please note that if you do not complete the above procedures by the due date, your seat may be handed over to another person.